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The mission of our Alliance

Anchored to the sea in spirit and practice, our European Alliance seeks to awaken an appreciation for the maritime world's significance. For us, the sea is not a physical boundary, but a conduit of shared experiences, economic prosperity, and ecological balance. By instilling a deep-rooted connection to the sea, we empower our students to engage meaningfully with both ports and islands, and the intricate interplay between them.

Alliance objectives

Our focus on islands and ports is thus far more than just a symbol. It emphasises the way in which universities are places for deep thinking, thoughtfulness, experimentation and creativity. It underlines the importance of our role in creating meaningful connections and communication between our territories and our communities.

  • Help build strong foundations for the next generation of European and global students and citizens who are engaged, aware and willing to contribute to meeting sustainability challenges.
  • Foster a multicultural, multilingual and inclusive European education, research, and innovation environment which is open to the world.
  • Enhance the joint capacity of the partner universities to better respond to the societal and environmental challenges faced by island and coastal communities.

Focus areas

To address these areas, we are going to establish five Teaching and Research Hubs - interdisciplinary teams of academics, researchers, and students from all member universities, working with external stakeholders on relevant challenges and initiatives.

Identities, Local Knowledge, and Cultural Heritage in Islands & Coastal Communities
Blue Circular Economy, Port Logistics, and Sustainable Blue Tourism
Governance, Planning, Management, and Monitoring of Islands and Coastal Communities
Health, Biodiversity Protection, Nature-based Solutions, and Sustainable Exploration of Coastal/Marine Resources
Engineered and Data-driven Solutions for Coastal Infrastructures, Marine Renewable Energy, Marine Safety, and Navigation Systems